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Industrial Welding Services in Cincinnati, OH

Nothing says progress and vitality like construction putting into action your dreams for the future for all to see. In today’s modern world, steel and aluminum are the major metals that make society possible, allowing us to build stronger, and lighter structures than we’ve ever built before.
Sauerwein Welding has been a player in our field since the great heyday of American construction, working with cities and local governments all over the country to build their dreams. Trust us, we can deliver a quality American-made product that you can be proud for years to come.
Welder working on a industrial welding project in Cincinnati, OH

The Experienced Professionals

Metals and metalworking are the pride and joy of what we do, they are the backbone of modern engineering. Whether you’re dealing with a multi-part production or run of the mill structural steel, our experts are more than capable of delivering your order on schedule and as requested.
Whether constructing, handrails, stairs, catwalks platforms, or something much more complex, Sauerwein Welding is the name you can trust to get the job done right.

On-Site Welding and Repairs

There are times when the factory floor isn’t enough and you need experienced welders on-site to complete the task. Whether its MIG, TIG, or stick welding, for over fifty years people have trusted Saurwein Welding to deliver an unmatched product.
Alongside our normal welding services we also offer experienced welding repair. The structures we work with are often designed to withstand great forces acting upon them, so when nature wear and tear starts to take its toll, or whether you’re dealing with an unexpected problem, you’ll want experienced welders with a rich history of success handling the job.
Welding work in work shop

The Customized and The Exotic

Diversity is one of the keys to our companies longevity, by offering a wide range of services we are not only able to better fulfill the needs of our current customers, it also allows us to grow our customer base.
Some of the more unique metal working services we are able to provide our customer include customized fabricated items for companies still going through the design phases of their projects, ornamental iron works for those looking for unique gate or fence designs for both private and public buildings, and exotic metals for industry looking to prototype advances in technologies that may one day change the world.
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